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Liberty to apply for a release after 3 yrs of work

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I have an issue regarding my resignation. I have worked continuously 3 years (from March 2016 to March 2019) in my present company and now I want to resign from this company to transfer to another company. I was a direct recruited person by the company from outside of the country, that means they came to my country, interviewed me and then they sent me the visa and after that I came to Kuwait. Since they directly recruited me, can I resign from the company now? And if ‘Yes’ are they liable to give me the release to transfer to the other company?

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Answer: Under the Kuwait Labour Law, workers recruited abroad are under obligation to work three years for their sponsors before they are entitled to ask for release. Going by the fact that you have put in the required number of years, you have the liberty to apply for a release and the company will be duty-bound to grant you the same.

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