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‘Let’s work for progress’

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The universities in America, Canada, the Central American republics and the Philippines celebrate the graduation of a new batch of students and assign one of the graduates to give a farewell speech to the teaching staff, colleagues, parents and friends before they receive the graduation certificates and move forward in life.

The person who is chosen to give a farewell speech is called the valedictorian and usually has the highest score or has distinction in his/her field.

Other universities, on this occasion, invite a distinguished personality to address the graduates of that year, but we are interested in our article here.

One of the most distinguished students, or the ‘valedictorian’ whose speech has become famous and posted on the social media was Sarah Fahd Abushar, who delivered it during the Harvard University graduation ceremony in 2014 in the presence of the liberator of Kuwait, President George W. Bush and scores of dignitaries.

Three years later, it so happened that her brother, Firas Abushar, was chosen to speak on behalf of 2017 graduates at the prestigious University of Berkeley in Los Angeles, where he created a text and a speech that became a subject of discussion among many.

It is very rare for two universities in America to agree, and within a short time, to choose a brother and a sister as the most outstanding and distinguished students, to have the honor of representing their colleagues, and to speak on the graduation day. This indicates how Sarah and Firas were raised and groomed by their parents.

This choice also shows that in spite of all educational obstacles put by the backward Brotherhood people over the decades, Kuwait as a system, schools and curricula still gives the world a lot.

Firas and Sarah are the products of the private education system of our country. As long as this system, with all its flaws, was able to take care of the likes of Sarah and Firas, it can, with little interest, give more.

We also praise another creative citizen, Sheikha Badriya Salem Fahd Al Salem, who was chosen on behalf of the graduates of the prestigious Smith College of America for Girls to address them. This was appreciated by many.

Sheikha Badriya is also a product of the schools of Kuwait — schools that some fundamentalist lawmakers and political activists, who are often classified as hypocrites, impose separation of girls from boys, but at the same time do not hesitate to enroll their sons and daughters in private universities in Kuwait where there is no segregation of students.

Kuwait deserves to make progress and we work for its development. Kuwait deserves to make greater effort towards progress and this can be achieved without a revolutionary educational system. We hope the leaders in the government act in this direction.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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