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Let’s scream ‘O Kuwait’

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IS it deliberate that the people of this country are meant to live in a permanent vacuum and under the shadow of a government that does not operate and a parliament that has abandoned its top duty, which is to legislate, and is instead devoted to endless interpellations?

While this is happening, the country is transforming into a land of tribal camps and sectarian blocs. Each group is seeking to win the lion share of the public wealth and the state interests, which have become engorged with wounds as a result of the stabs on the back that they have been subjected to over the past years.

Gentlemen! Is this the Kuwait that we are striving for?

Every interpellation leads to a deal that is tailored as per the measurements of the MPs who meticulously blackmail the state. If an MP fails to achieve individually, he takes it by the force of a non-confidence vote, through which he achieves his objective by either standing on neutrality, which has its price, or supporting it, which also has its benefits, or opposing it.

All this is due to the fact that he was not satisfied with what was presented to him. In this regard, the maneuvers continue until they reach the limit of hurling intimidations and threats behind the scenes to dissolve the parliament or paralyze the government, while the demand of the majority of the people of this country is for both authorities to leave, which is the best solution.

Perhaps His Highness the Prime Minister and all the ministers should pay attention and realize that the leash should not be loosened every time, especially in light of the struggle of the influential over shares until everything becomes up for grab, starting from appointing an employee and head of a police station to the highest executive positions. This makes the MPs more voracious to seize the maximum benefits.

Therefore, we ask, “Gentlemen! What are you fighting over? Is it over the work for further development and progress of Kuwait, which is at the bottom of the trail in the region? Or is it over the protection of public money, the flesh of which is being sucked every day? Or is it over major projects that will help start implementing the slogan of transforming Kuwait into a global financial and commercial hub, the zeal for which was lost between interests?

The most terrible thing that Kuwait has been subjected to is not the invasion from outside, but the lack of confidence in the national self that ignited the fire of internal invasion by scrambling over everything.

The surrounding countries are advancing and traversing great distances of development and openness, while we celebrate the withdrawal of a 14-year-old boy from facing his Israeli counterpart in a sports match as if we had achieved a historic victory and our forces entered Jerusalem.

Kuwait is not that big a country … It is a small country that is in dire need to start a serious project to diversify sources of income, achieve openness, and converge on a single voice.

Time is against us. The world is changing. We are suffering from backlashes of what was prevalent in the years of financial abundance and amusement in the crust, and the governmental-parliamentary disputes. Therefore, every MP, minister and executive official must be well aware of where we are heading.

Have aging diseases hit Kuwait while it is still young? Are there people who work based on Ibn Khaldoun’s theory to overthrow the state by isolating it and replacing it with tribal and sectarian groups?

Will we soon see the banners of tribes and sects flying instead of the Kuwaiti flag?

Read the history of the countries of the sects in the Umayyad Dynasty in Spain. Learn from the lessons of the past so that one day you will not stand and cry for a homeland that gave you everything but you did not preserve it.

Finally, we remind those in control about the story of the Arab woman who desperately screamed the name of the Abbasid Dynasty’s caliphate – Mu’tasim – when the Romans dragged her to prison. Here we find ourselves unable to escape while we are seeking help from the rulers of this country to rescue us as we scream, “O Kuwait”.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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