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‘Let it be more than saying’

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 ‘In the year 2012, the US Congress with the approval of 92 Senates against the Rejection of 4 Senates only, passed a law, under the name “Magnetsky law”, after the name of a Russian tax accountant Sergey Magnetsky who died in prison in Moscow in mysterious circumstances.

“President Obama approved it in the same year, and after it had been ratified, the US government  accordingly became authorized to impose sanctions on the “Human Rights  violators” around the world, sanctions such as freezing their financial assets , and prohibiting their entry into the United States of America, besides other sanctions.

“This law is a powerful addition to “human rights” file. It’s aim is to  to restrict violators of “human rights” in the whole world, and  to urge  some countries, such as Britain, Canada and other countries, to pass similar legislations. By this way, this law would become a serious deterrent that haunts the violators of “human rights” who do not respect the dignity of human being that God has honored.

“It is well known that there is a “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” signed by the Member States of the General Assembly of the United Nations in  1948, as well as the Paris Principles, which called for governments to establish independent local bodies that concerned with “human rights”, and turned to be the core activity of  non-governmental organizations, such as “Amnesty International” based in  London – and “Human Rights Watch” based in  New York, and other relevant large organizations which have a significant influence due to their credibility.

“And since the State of Kuwait is a country of humanity, it is urgent and necessary now to revise pending files such as “bedoun-file”, “reform of Prisons” and “prevention of human trafficking”. And furthermore to “cancel the laws that restrict freedoms “which are incompatible with  Kuwaiti Constitution, whereas the Tweet in Twitter became “ a crime“, and such bad legislation did lead to increase the number of The Prisoners of Opinion to inconceivable number which exceeded 104, and the total sentences of imprisonment reached 821 years, while the legal cases filed due to the Visual and Audio means law became more than one hundred twenty thousand.

“This situation led the international organizations to focus on Kuwait and on its agendas, such as the agenda of the British House of Lords in its session dated 30/10/2018 which was allocated to State of Kuwait in order to discuss all aspects of the file of legal rights, and the laws that did wrong to our country. Also, they mentioned by names some prisoners of opinion such as the Parliament Member Musallam Al-Barrak, the activist Rania Al-Sa’ad , Ibtihal Al-Shallal and others.

“The qualitative shift, in which the world is going through, especially by social media, such as “Twitter”, enabled the transmitting of the events to be faster than the media did traditionally, so some Arab countries are fighting against it, while forgetting in the same time such serious law as “Magnetsky” law.

“The oppressed people, all around the world, gave a sigh of relief when Joseph Biden became the President of United States, who is following personally the file of human rights, and  which was crowned by the release of the activist Lugen Al-Hathloul.

Now, the first step of reform could address the file of prisoners of opinion, for example, it ought to begin by complete amnesty without any condition.

 “A resolution of this kind will mitigate the suffering of people, and lighten the pressure of the international human rights bodies on the State of Kuwait, and make it “a country of humanity” as a fact, not just a mere saying.”

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By Youssef Mubarak Al-Mubaraki

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