Lest Iran as another Iraq

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE roadmap created by United States of America’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has ended the stage of Iran’s inconsistencies and global blackmail. Therefore, the only way forward for Iran is to submit to Pompeo’s 12 demands in order to be in harmony with the international community again. It should let go of its expansionism and terrorism schemes, as well as its interference in the internal affairs of its neighbors.

Failure to submit to the 12 demands will lead to the fate awaiting Iran. Without any doubt, Iran’s Foreign Affairs Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif felt that Iran is unable to stand before Trump’s administration during his shuttle tours between several world capitals.

Any form of resistance from its side will lead to its submission to the US sanctions and this is something undesirable for Iran. Consequently, there is no point in reminding Iran about the historic lessons and to benefit from Saddam Hussein’s mistakes; starting from his war on Iran, dragging the entire region into this war, and then his infamous threats directed at Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) accusing them of stealing Iraqi oil.

The unforgettable and famous phrase of Saddam, “Cutting of necks, not cutting of livelihood,” was the precursor of his invasion of Kuwait; in addition to his threats to wipe out Israel. All of this, as we have mentioned several times earlier, is being repeated word for word by Iran. This only means the end is clear to everyone, apart from those who do not want to see reality.

Adhering to the US roadmap is beneficial for the Mullah regime, because it is the only way out of misery. Nonetheless, if Iran decides to bargain and continue with its claims of divine victories and adapting to the force of terror; this will lead to destruction of not only the regime, but also the Iranians who are currently living in the worst economic condition. Undoubtedly, the Iranian crisis was the major motivation which pushed the regime to sign the nuclear deal that suffered from the US blow.

Iran did not benefit from the money which flowed when the sanctions were lifted by reforming its economy and mending the faulty living standards that has accumulated since 1979. Instead, Iran went on to increase its expenditure on the terrorist groups in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon at the expense of its starving people.

This led to serious uprising since the early days of this year, followed by the recent US sanctions and withdrawal of several European countries from Iran which worsened the crisis.

In addition, it is certain that the current US administration is serious in holding Iran accountable and preventing it from playing the role of the thug in the region which bloats with US interests.

It is also certain that the US will not stray in putting the boots of its soldiers on the ground. Instead, it will use modern technology in terms of missiles, unmanned planes and others to trim the nails of the Mullah regime

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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This news has been read 15125 times!

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