Leopard-like visitor surprises attendees at India’s government ceremony

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NEW DELHI, India, June 10: In a surprising turn of events during India’s government oath-taking ceremony at the presidential palace, an unexpected visitor made an appearance, catching the attention of viewers worldwide. As dignitaries and lawmakers gathered at the esteemed Rashtrapati Bhavan palace in the heart of New Delhi, a leopard-like animal was spotted prowling past, near the red-carpeted steps where Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other officials were seated.

The sighting, captured in live footage aired on Indian television Sunday evening, caused a stir among eagle-eyed spectators who quickly shared clips of the mysterious animal online. Despite being seen for less than four seconds and moving in the shadows, the creature’s presence was unmistakable, raising questions about its identity and origin.

While some media outlets described the animal as a “four-legged furry friend,” others likened it to a “cat-like creature.” Speculation ran rampant, with an unnamed official from the Delhi Forest and Wildlife Department suggesting that it could be a dog or cat, albeit of an unusually large size.

Delhi, known for its population of street dogs and cats, occasionally witnesses sightings of leopards in more secluded areas on the city’s outskirts. The presidential palace’s sprawling grounds border the Delhi Ridge forest, formerly an extension of the Aravalli hills, providing potential habitat for such wildlife.

Although the Indian subcontinent no longer hosts cheetahs, efforts have been made to reintroduce the species into the wild. Last year, cheetahs from Namibia were released into Kuno National Park in central India, signaling a hopeful step towards conserving India’s rich biodiversity.

This news has been read 1042 times!

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