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Wednesday , September 28 2022

Lebanon … mafia, militia and drugs

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THE Lebanese must choose to either return to becoming people who love and strive for freedom, and seek to restore their country’s position as an icon of affluence, openness, culture, and sophistication, or continue accepting subservience to a sectarian gang that destroys their country — their only refuge.

This gang has turned Lebanon into a drug factory and a platform to smuggle drugs to the Arab countries … the “Ali Baba” cave to plunder the deposits of people — Lebanese and Arabs — who chose this country to deposit their money when it assured confidentiality and privacy of its clients, parallel to Switzerland, and safety for them.

Regarding the Lebanese who have accepted their media platforms — financed by Iran — to become an arena for insulting the Arabian Gulf states and their people, they should emancipate themselves from the bondage of the immoralists among them who describe Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE as nomads (Bedouin), backward and fragile, through brutal media campaign perpetuated by the Hezbollah and those who revolve around it.

There is no doubt that these insults will not change the fact that the large quantities of drugs confiscated in the Gulf region, not only in Saudi Arabia, are sufficient to destroy 400 million Arabs. It is no longer acceptable to cover up with flimsy arguments.

The Lebanese security services really need to work on controlling the borders and putting an end to the smuggling operations. These security services should stop taking orders from the gang leader living in the burrows — Hassan Nasrallah … Otherwise, Lebanon will be isolated internationally, as the European Union has begun suffering from the influx of drugs coming from Lebanon.

The people of Lebanon should take notes from the living conditions in Iran, which happened due to the policy of the evil tyrants occupied by the illusions of the dark Middle Ages.

These delusions that run through Hezbollah are the ones that the gang uses to justify its drugs manufacturing and trafficking operations, as it considers this as one of its weapons, and does shy away from it … In fact, it is proud of these operations.

One of the leading clerics within the gang said with all brazenness through several media outlets, “Smuggling is a sacred duty … It serves the resistance”… How wretched is this resistance that is based on drugging people and killing them slowly?!

For all these reasons, there was nothing wrong with the stance of the Gulf countries, particularly Saudi Arabia, against Lebanon and the Lebanese. Protecting people from crimes against humanity is the duty of state leaders. Is there a more horrific crime against humanity than destroying generations with drug addiction?

This Lebanon, which used to be a hospital in the Middle East, is now moaning about the wear and tear of its health system. Its schools and universities, which used to be a beacon of knowledge and enlightenment, have turned into incubators for extremism, sectarianism, and fanaticism.

The illiteracy rate in Lebanon has increased from 3.5 percent to 25 percent after the gang of wickedness and ignorance took over. Lebanon used to be the preferred destination for tourists from Gulf countries, other Arab countries and Europe, but today everyone is fleeing from that country.

Regarding this situation, the Lebanese have no choice but to revolt against this mafia militia in a bid to emancipate themselves from the agony caused by this gang. However, if they continue to surrender, they will kill their future, destroy their homeland, and will not find anyone to help them when the matter gets out of hand. This is because the drug smuggler hiding behind the cloak of religion and resistance is only concerned about serving his Iranian masters.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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