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Lebanese lady to Nasrallah: Did Allah also task you to starve us?

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MUSAYLIMAH and Sajjah are the most notorious liars of the 7th century in Arab history, and they both claimed prophethood.

In fact, Musaylimah ibn Habib (the liar) had the audacity to dare say to the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) that Almighty Allah rendered him and Muhammad (PBUH) as messengers, and that they are both equal in prophethood.

As in every era, such people usually get some of the common people to support their claims with the promise of prosperity, something that increases their popularity among the masses.

Musaylimah’s false claims of prophethood met those who shared it, one being a lady called Sajjah bint Al-Harith, who was famous for making perfumes. She went on to become his wife, and on the morning after their marriage, Musaylimah issued an order to drop two out of five obligatory prayers for his followers, which are Fajr (dawn) and Isha (night) prayers.

Just as his followers rejoiced at what Musaylimah called the “dowry of Sajjah”, which was the abolition of the two obligatory prayers, the crook Hassan Nasrallah found someone to believe his claims by referring terrorism as resistance, and those who die for his course as martyrs.

Because vanity blinds the hearts, he dares God and His Messenger by claiming that he has been tasked by Allah to do what he does.

From the beginning we have said, and we repeat it today, that every era has its own Musaylimah (the liar), and also those who support him with open lies. However, Hassan Nasrallah has surpassed everyone in lying after emerging with that claim that excommunicates him, because he attacked Allah the Almighty, and violated the Holy Quran through that claim.

When this experienced terrorist claims that he is assigned by Allah to terrorize, destroy and shed innocent blood, he not only slanders his Creator, but also the entire humanity, because he put himself in the position of executing the divine command.

In that case, he permits and prohibits as he wants, justifying his terrorism and his destruction of humans and stones not only in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen, but in every part of the world his terrorism has reached.

This crook has appeared in his true form – a vicious liar, and a little agent with hallucinations of the falsehood he was taught by his operators in Tehran, who consider their terrorist practices as being by order of the Lord, which is an outrageous and blasphemous claim.

They transgressed, like this little egotistic one, even on the values and teachings of Islam. They violated the words of Allah the Almighty, addressing His Noble Messenger (PBUH) in the revelation, “And We have not sent you but to all the men as a bearer of good news and as a warner, but most men do not know”.

How can the racists who are still living on the glories of the Persian Empire’s past and clinging to its language understand what was in the noble book – “Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran in order that you may understand”.

Do such people, and those who sent them to provoke strife among Muslims and insult the companions of the Prophet, understand the meaning of “Arabic”?

Almighty Allah was true when he said in the same verse – “in order that you may understand”, so can the insane and the ignorant fools understand?!

A free Lebanese woman, who is from the same environment that Nasrallah sings about, addressed him by saying, “Yes, I will raise my voice, and I will not be silent. We are hungry… We live without bread, electricity and water… So did Allah also task you to starve us?”

Many in history claimed prophethood after the death of the Messenger Muhammad (PBUH). It was said in the history books that their number reached more than 2,000. However, none of them surpassed or dared Allah with falsehood, deception, and slander like Hassan Nasrallah, who not only declared himself as the chosen one, but went above that by reclaiming the legacy of the Safavid superstition that was based on murder, robbery and gouging eyes.

The observer of the movements of this person in that sermon, in which he transgressed against Allah and His Messenger, will see two trembling hands, a pale face, and a terrified person. This is one of the signs of his end.

It was narrated in the noble traditions of the Prophet (PBUH) that his companion Abu Musa Al-Ash’ari reported that the prophet said, “Indeed, Allah gives respite to the oppressor. But when He seizes him, He does not let him escape.”

Then the Prophet (PBUH) recited, “And such is the punishment of your Lord when He punishes the towns while they are unjust; surely His punishment is painful and severe.”

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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