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Lebanese government of bankruptcy, isolation

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE Cabinet formation announced in Lebanon is not a masked government such that it may be a single color government, quota government or March 8 resistance government, but it is surely a government of Hezbollah whatever the form.

It was not formed to fulfill the demands of the populace that have been protesting for a hundred days; but to stubbornly challenge them in a way never experienced in that country, not even during the civil war. This is a government imposed by the tyrannical Hezb which pushed Lebanon into bankruptcy, collapse and hunger. It will also push the country towards isolation from Arabs and the international community.

Prime Minister Hessan Deyab did not say anything new in his maiden speech from the Republican Palace. Lebanese people have been listening to many such talks – mere talk, throughout the past three decades; up to the extent that they disbelieve the political class which led them to the current abysmal situation. It is the same with Arab nations, led by the GCC countries, which are never swayed by hypocritical speeches.

For this, such empty promises no longer have a space in the Arabian political dictionary, not even internationally. The Hezbollah, whose tools in government and corrupt personalities were removed by the revolution, will not be allowed back under the guise of being independent experts; if they are affiliated to Hezbollah spiritually, ideologically and through membership.

Hessan Deyab said he will go on a trip to Arab nations once his government gains confidence, especially in the GCC countries; but these countries have been telling him that he is not welcome. They will not accept revival of the snake called ‘Hezbollah’ and will not succumb to its blackmail with the image of helping Lebanese people. They understand very well how to assist these people who have never been abandoned even for a day.

If the door of the Gulf is shut against the ‘compass’ government and its Prime Minister, the international community will not also give any chance to a government that legitimizes assassination and terrorist activities.

Those who formed the dramatic team have expired. The mere appointment of female lawyer who defended culprits in the assassination of the martyr Rafiq Al-Hariri and his entourage, an officer whose name recurred several times at the tribunal that investigated the crime, third was sacked from his university for stealing, fourth was a Hezbollah militant with affiliation to Iran, and fifth was planted by ‘Amal’ as a landmine are enough evidence that this government will clash with the international community. What are these people betting on to talk about striving to enjoy confidence of that society?

All the truths were completely unveiled today and Lebanon is facing real bankruptcy. None of the Gulf countries will provide aid to Lebanon until they are sure that constitutional institutions will abide by the decisions of the Gulf, Arab and international communities such as putting Hezbollah on the terror list and holding it accountable for all the crimes it committed – from Iraq to Syria and Yemen including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. Not even the Western countries will attempt to do that.

Will the government established in the corridors of the terrorist Hezbollah, which put down ministerial statements, be able to execute those decisions or move Lebanon further into the incubation of Iran to satisfy the latter as a unit of Al-Mullah regime in the club of terror welfare nations? These questions and many others need a response from the new government through action rather than words.

Therefore, Deyab with the republican President and lawmakers behind him should not trust the acrobatic games they are trying to play through avoiding being held accountable by Lebanese people after this government of distortion fanned the ember of revolution anew. What comes later will be more severe!

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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