Leave creation to the Creator

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God has afflicted us with one of those who represent us in legislation and oversight in the face of our government that spreads corruption wherever we turn our faces. Dozens of young Kuwaiti actors of both genders, as well as children, are represented in the series “From Haram Street to…”

This member of the legislative whose voice we heard and saw a picture of him removing his shoes in Abdullah Al-Salem Hall pointing to one of his fellow members or a minister whose response he did not like says that what is going on in the series and the dialogue therein harms the reputation of Kuwait and Kuwaitis!

For years, I have not watched Kuwait TV during Ramadan, except at breakfast time. I have not watched a Kuwaiti series since the giants of the Kuwaiti screen stopped acting; such as Abdul-Hussein Abdul-Ridha, Ali Al-Mufidi, Saad Al-Faraj and others.

Curiosity pulled me to watch the series, which the protector of the reputation of Kuwait and Kuwaitis has objected to.

The series depicts a Kuwaiti mother, played by the actress – Hoda Hussein. In the series, she is a doctor who owns a clean private hospital. She has six young sons, all of whom work with her at the hospital as successful doctors.

The series revolves around the relations of husbands – the doctor’s sons – with their wives and children … there is a religious son, a son who pledged allegiance to his wife amid his relations with the rest of the women; and the sons’ grandchildren and their problems at home, with each other, with their studies, their classmates and their teachers.

These events in the series reflect what is happening in Kuwait that has distorted its reputation. We say to those who are afraid for the reputation of Kuwait and its people … that the large family is not perfect in terms of its males, females and young people. This is something we see in every family in and outside Kuwait. The best reward is on the Day of Resurrection. A member of his mother’s council, a minister, an undersecretary or a prime minister will not hold him accountable.

Therefore, we ask the likes of that representative and whoever walks blindly behind him, to leave creation to the Creator.

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By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

This news has been read 26905 times!

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