Leadership … Remember the end of Korah (Qarun)

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THE state cannot afford the luxury of continuing to maintain silence anymore, amid the multiplicity of opinions and viewpoints that are based on the principle of personal interests, and not the public, which is undoubtedly determined by a well-defined program.

This is happening at a time when events are putting pressure on the region, but Kuwait suffers from institutional stalemate, the thickness of which has become much more than a chain of icebergs under which lava is bottled and might erupt at any moment.

Therefore, in accordance with the proverb “Don’t cry over spilled milk”, a decision must be made, especially since the internal situation is unsettling, and events are accelerating to the point of political and social chaos, and with them the economic. All these translate into more security problems and the spread of violence and drugs, while everyone claims that what they have is the best.

In this charged and confused atmosphere, and with the absence of government decisions due to stubbornness, the ability to differentiate between a personal interest and the interest of the country, and to look at the optimistic side of the matter, is necessary.

However, pessimism generates depression, thereby affecting a person’s decisions, which undoubtedly leads him to miss opportunities because he feels incapable, afraid, tense and anxious due to negative thinking.

Hence came the idea that economic prosperity generates hope, activity and liveliness in societies, and hearsay diminishes because everyone is minding their own business. However, when work is disrupted, poverty that sparks controversies spreads and everyone takes the law into their own hands,  just like in the forest.

In Kuwait, institutions are suspended, and people are becoming almost ungrateful in light of the absence of any hope for a solution that will get them out of their current situation. In fact, all we hear is either the dismissal of an employee, or that a minister made a mistake and corrected it with another mistake that turns out to be worse.

Nonetheless, the Prime Minister’s issue is yet to be decided, and it is natural. However, for the legislative authority to stall, I cannot help but wonder if this reality can generate a developmental state, or if it causes it to sleep in underdevelopment.

As long as there is lack of determination in the leadership to put the train back on the right track and to get out of the sensitive internal and regional situation in a way that serves the status of Kuwait, then no one can depend on himself and take charge of imposing his will on everyone. However, he must remember the words of Allah – “Do not walk proudly on the earth; neither can your feet tear apart the earth nor are you as tall as the mountains.”

Here perhaps, some should remember the story of Korah (Qarun), as Allah said in his holy book: “We had given him so much treasure that the keys of the stores of his treasures could hardly be carried even by a group of strong people … ”

He did not fear Allah in his family and his nation by benefiting them, so his end was as stated in the Quran: “So We caused the earth to swallow him and his dwelling place. Then he had no group or party to help him against Allah, and he was not one of those who could save themselves.”

He died without his treasures. This is because the only thing that will go with you after death is your deeds – good and bad. They are the ones that will determine whether you will go to Paradise or Hell.

Many leaders worked for their people; countries and history immortalized them, and nations always remember them. Indeed, there are those whose path continues to be followed to this day because they were not like Korah.

These leaders were people of determination. Unfortunately, our country today needs a decision, and someone who understands what the people and the country want, and looks at everyone so that the country does not become colorblind.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 59495 times!

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