Lawyer faces 4-year prison term for online incitement and defamation

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KUWAIT CITY, June 20: In a recent judicial decision, the Criminal Court has imposed a four-year prison sentence, along with labor, device confiscation, and social media account closure, upon a lawyer. The ruling follows charges of incitement through the “X” platform to destabilize the country’s ruling system, defaming the Amir, and misusing communication devices.

The Public Prosecution accused the lawyer of multiple offenses, including incitement to use force, advocating for the overthrow of the ruling system, and defamation. Additionally, charges of princely defamation and phone misuse were brought forth, stemming from tweets posted on the lawyer’s account on the “X Platform.”

During the trial, the accused refuted the allegations, asserting that they did not compose the contentious tweet. They claimed that their account on the “X Platform” had been compromised, disavowing any knowledge of the tweet’s authorship.

The case highlights the complexities surrounding digital evidence authenticity and individual accountability in online spaces. As legal discussions unfold, questions arise about the responsibilities of individuals for content shared under their names and the implications for free speech within the country.

This ruling is expected to prompt further examination of online security measures, digital privacy rights, and the balance between freedom of expression and legal constraints.

This news has been read 548 times!

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