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‘Lack of good bonus discourages distinguished researchers in Kuwait University’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 18: Professor of Chemistry in Kuwait University’s Faculty of Sciences Dr Ali Bu Majdad affirmed that the lack of sufficient incentives that encourage distinguished researchers to remain in the post is the reason behind the decline in Kuwait University’s level in the field of scientific research, reports Aljarida daily.

He indicated that there is encouragement to teach through additional bonus of up to KD 3,000 in one semester, proposing to reduce the extra teaching for distinguished researchers in order to give them the priority of choosing the subjects and its times.

Dr Bu Majdad stressed that there should be incentives offered to the distinguished foreign researchers by giving them long-term contracts if their researches are distinguished. He asked for clearer conditions concerning the secondment of professors from other universities and who are working in Kuwait University, as they tend to mention the address of their mother university in their researches instead of their current address in Kuwait University, which falsely indicates that their researches were conducted in the main university.

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