Kuwait’s local liquidity experienced fluctuations in 1st 11 mths of 2023

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 25: Kuwait’s local liquidity experienced fluctuations in the first 11 months of 2023, with a decrease of 0.67%, equivalent to approximately 13.4 million dinars. This decline came after the liquidity figure stood at 1.999 billion dinars in December 2022. However, a noteworthy increase of 1.25% was observed in November, amounting to 24.4 million dinars. The total liquidity for the month reached 1.986 billion dinars, compared to 1.962 billion dinars in October.

n an annual basis, there was a 0.87% increase, representing 17.3 million dinars, compared to the end of November 2022, which stood at 1.969 billion dinars. Breaking down the data for November, the Central Bank of Kuwait reported that the currency in circulation is divided into banknotes and coins. Banknotes increased by 1.26% every month, amounting to 24.3 million dinars. This increase brought the total to 1.95 billion dinars in November, compared to 1.93 billion dinars in October. On an annual basis, there was a 0.87% increase, totaling 17 million dinars. The supply of coins witnessed a growth of 1.15% during the first 11 months of 2023, reaching a value of 360 thousand dinars.

This increase was observed from 31.134 million dinars at the end of December to 31.494 million dinars in November. On an annual basis, the increase remained consistent at 1.15% in value. The report further details the distribution of banknotes across various categories, such as a quarter dinar, half a dinar, a dinar, five dinars, ten dinars, and twenty dinars. Notably, the twenty dinar category witnessed an increase in supply by 0.8%, reaching about 9.2 million dinars. The balance of this category rose from 1.11 billion dinars in October to 1.12 billion dinars in November.

Regarding coins, their overall supply witnessed a growth of 0.1% on an annual basis, translating to an increase of 35 thousand dinars. The total supply of coins reached 31.494 million dinars in November 2023, compared to 31.459 million dinars in November 2022. The balance of coins includes denominations of 100 fils, 50 fils, 20 fils, 10 fils, and 5 fils, each with its nominal value. The balance of a penny amounted to about 12 thousand dinars. These figures reflect the dynamic nature of Kuwait’s local liquidity, showcasing both short-term fluctuations and long-term trends in the country’s monetary environment.

By Ahmad Fathi
Al-Seyassah/Arab Times Staff

This news has been read 608 times!

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