Kuwaitis reluctance to work due to low pay & work pressure – 52% have refused work or resigned

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Finance Minister Nayef Al-Hajraf

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 10: Minister of Finance Dr Nayef Al-Hajraf said the low salaries and work pressure are the main factors in the reluctance of citizens to work in the Public Institute for Social Security (PIFSS) pointing out that the institution had published 46 advertisements in the local newspapers for employment since 2013 until now, and out 2,029 applicants that were hired only 1,055 continue working, that is about 52% have refused to work or resigned, reports Al- Qabas daily.

Al-Hajraf explained in response to a parliamentary question, a copy of which Al-Qabas has obtained, that the reasons are the disproportionate salary scale due to the inability of the institution to meet the needs of its staff and attract the necessary competencies to alleviate its burdens, in light of the continuous increase in the work and operations carried out by social security sector.

The increase in the salaries of some entities and the emergence of new bodies with salaries exceeding the salaries of the employees of the PIFSS is the reason for this dilemma because employees who are graduates or those who are experienced do not prefer to continue working. On 20/2/2011, the institution requested that the salary scale be reconsidered in accordance with its work and activities, and that it was decided to increase the salaries.

This request was repeated on 23/1/2013 and May 23, 2019, it requested to amend its salary scale by adding a new element to the existing scale, deciding to increase the salaries in the form of a bonus added to the allowances, as is the case in some government agencies and thus contributing to the preservation of expertise.

However, Al-Hajraf pointed out that the PIFSS has resorted to the formation of a committee to prepare a comprehensive study of the subject taking into account all aspects.

This news has been read 66417 times!

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