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Sunday , January 16 2022

Kuwaitis called to join private sector

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 16: The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) affirmed its keenness to increase the rate of employment of the national workforce in the private sector by urging and motivating citizens to join non-governmental agencies and overcoming the obstacles they face in this regard. The Deputy Director-General of the Authority for National Manpower Affairs, Abdullah Al-Mutatah said in a press statement on Tuesday that the authority has submitted a number of proposals with the aim of encouraging citizens to join non-governmental agencies, including a proposal to continue disbursing national labor support to employers and workers in the private sector if they join the mandatory military service.

Al-Mutatah added that the authority’s proposal to continue disbursing support to recruits comes because they perform a great work and a national duty, indicating that Article 9 of Cabinet Resolution No. 391 for the year 2001 stipulates stopping the disbursement of subsidies to professionals and craftsmen and workers in non-governmental organizations, including joining military service mandatory or standby.

He explained that the authority coordinated on this proposal with the National Military Service Authority, then the authority submitted the proposal to the Civil Service Council, and as soon as it approved the proposal, the authority submitted it to the Fatwa and Legislation Department to review the draft decision and into the appropriate legal formulation in preparation for submitting it to the Council of Ministers for approval and implementation. He stated that the authority aims, through its proposals, to support the national worker and urge job seekers to join the private sector and increase their employment rate in it, appreciating the cooperation of the relevant authorities with the proposal and their rapid interaction in approving it. (KUNA)

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