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Kuwaitis aspire for better Parliament, better future

‘Need development, reforms and combat corruption’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 19: The aspirations and wishes of citizens living in the First Constituency are no different from people living in other four constituencies, reports Al-Rai daily. They have all voiced concerns for the need for development, reforms, unity and combating corruption.

They say they hope the next National Assembly will not be similar to its predecessor, and are looking forward to a Parliament that would restore Kuwait to its cherished title of the past ‘Pearl of the Gulf’ and to be able to serve Kuwait and Kuwaitis by fighting the corrupt and corruption.

A number of residents of Salwa, Rumaithiya, Mishref and Bayan, whom the Al-Rai daily met, discussed the most important problems which haunt them in their areas, especially what happened to them during the corona pandemic – the hike in the apartment rents and the significant spread of bachelors, as well as the stench of waste for long periods sometimes because of non-collection of garbage and potholes in the inner streets in their areas.

One of the citizens said, “I will not comment on the performance of the previous Assembly, because everyone is a witness to its performance, but I hope to see a Parliament that is more interested in the issues of the homeland and citizens, not their personal interests, and that their work is for Kuwait only.” “We hope that the right man will be in the right place, and that the next MP will be fully aware of what our areas are suffering from, and that he will work to fix them,” he added.

Another complained of the high rents of apartments in the Salwa area and the large number of apartments rented by singles, whose numbers have increased over the past few years. Another Kuwaiti complained about the failure of the previous National Assembly to solve the problem of loans to citizens, and the problems that affect the citizen’s pocket, due to the large number of grilling requests that do not serve the citizens, and hoped everyone will choose their representatives in the next Parliament carefully because their vote is a trust.

Another citizens hoped there will be a quick solution to the problem of the spread of singles’ housing in Salwa, during the corona pandemic, until every single house has them and wants to know, ‘Why the laws that prohibit the housing of bachelors’ groups are not implemented within the areas designated for families?

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