Kuwaiti woman slain in public – ‘Suspect had 40 cases against him’

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KUWAIT CITY, April 22: The Sabah Al-Salem district witnessed a horrific murder in which a 32-yearold Kuwaiti woman was stabbed to death by a 30-year-old compatriot male in front of her sister and daughter and ‘threw’ her in front of the Adan Hospital and fled. The woman was stabbed with a kitchen knife and the culprit was arrested at his residence in Al-Riqqa within two hours of committing the crime. He is said to have confessed to killing the victim and has been referred to the Public Prosecution Office and charged with premeditated murder.

A security source said the alleged killer went to Sabah Al-Salem and confronted the victim who had her daughter with her near one of the traffic lights. He got out of his vehicle and headed towards her. In an attempt to escape from him, she got out of the car and started running until her sister arrived in another vehicle in the same area and the suspect collided with her sister’s vehicle closing the road on her when the victim was in her vehicle. He then went to the victim’s vehicle and forced her into her vehicle.

The suspect collided with victims sisters vehicle

When the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior received a report on the incident police from the victim’s sister saying her sister has been kidnapped by a person because of differences with him and other issues between them, police patrols went to the spot and discovered that the suspect had left with the victim in her vehicle leaving his vanette in the middle of the road.

The source added the descriptions of the vehicle was circulated until they received a report from the Adan Hospital saying a Kuwaiti woman was dumped in front of the hospital with stab wounds and soaked in blood. The source indicated the suspect admitted that he stabbed the victim due to previous differences between them, and there were also cases between them, including kidnapping and attempted murder, and the accused was detained in connection with the premeditated murder case and referred to the Public Prosecution.

Women protesting at Irada Square asking “Who is Next?”

The source indicated the suspect has 40 cases registered against him, including criminal cases and some cases are pending before the court, which the court will look into in May, as he was released on bail. The sister of the victim in a recording published on social media, said for a whole year she and her sister were subjected to death threats by the killer and had previously filed complaints and cases against him, but he was released on bail despite the warning that he would kill us, but this time he was released on bail. She pointed out she went to the Zahra Police Station and filed a case against him but he was released on bail even though he had collided with my sister and aunt’s vehicle. The social networking sites are abuzz with reaction and denunciation of the heinous crime, especially in the presence of a child who was screaming while the killer threatened them, instilling fear, which led to the murder of her mother.

By Munif Nayef Al-Seyassah Staff and Agencies

This news has been read 222869 times!

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