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Thursday , March 23 2023

Kuwaiti pharmacists can work in two entities in same sector – Number of conditions set

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 6: The Minister of Health Dr. Khaled Al- Saeed issued a decision to allow Kuwaiti pharmacists, who have a license to practice the profession of pharmacy in the private sector, to practice the profession only in 1 other entity in the same sector based on a number of conditions, reports Aljarida daily.

Those conditions are as follows:-

  1. The pharmacist licensed to practice the profession must be a Kuwaiti.
  2. He must submit to the Medicine Inspection Department an approved letter from the entity in which he works, agreeing to him working for another entity in the same sector, and specifying the working days and hours in the entity in which he wants to work.
  3. The applicant has to submit a letter of approval to obtain a work permit for pharmacists, and that the permit form should mention the working days and hours.
  4. In case of any violation of the aforementioned, the permit will be canceled, and he is not entitled to apply for another permit until after six months from the date of canceling the previous permit.
  5. The permit’s validity period is two years, subject to renewal upon a written request from the permit holder and the entity he works for.
  6. In the event that the permit expires without renewal, the permit is considered null

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