Kuwaiti Investments Soar by KD 116 Million in First 8 Months of 2023

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Kuwait institutions, companies grow significantly by 118.1 mln dinars

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 4: The monthly statistics on trading volume in the stock market, categorized by nationality, reveal notable trends in investments during the first eight months of 2023, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Kuwaiti Investments:
■ Kuwaiti investments increased by 116 million dinars during this period, with a remarkable surge of 42.17 million dinars in August alone.
■ Kuwaiti individuals saw an increase of 31 million dinars in their investments.
■ Investments by Kuwaiti institutions and companies also grew significantly by 118.1 million dinars.
■ Conversely, Kuwaiti investment funds decreased by 5.86 million dinars, and client portfolio investments declined by 27.24 thousand dinars.

Gulf Investments:
■ Gulf investments decreased by 117.8 million dinars in the first eight months, with an additional decline of 11 million dinars in August.
■ Investments by Gulf individuals increased by 12.2 million dinars over this period.
■ However, investments by Gulf institutions and companies decreased significantly by 127.22 million dinars.
■ Gulf investment funds also experienced a decrease of 2.96 million dinars, while client portfolio investments increased modestly by 70.2 thousand dinars.

Foreign Investments:
■ Foreign investments showed mixed results, increasing by approximately 1.84 million dinars since the beginning of the year but declining by 31.1 million dinars in August.
■ Foreign individuals increased their investments by 856.7 thousand dinars over the first eight months.
■ Investments by foreign institutions and companies grew by 4.83 million dinars, while foreign investment funds saw a decrease of 3.85 million dinars.

Active Trading Accounts:
■ The number of active trading accounts on the Kuwaiti Stock Exchange increased from 17,702 thousand accounts in December to 18,343 thousand accounts by the end of August 2023, marking a 3.6 percent growth.
■ On a monthly basis, there was a 6.5 percent increase from 17,218 thousand accounts in July.
■ However, when compared to August 2022, active accounts experienced a 9.5 percent decline, down from 20.27 thousand accounts.

Inactive Accounts:
■ Inactive accounts increased by 0.9 percent during the first eight months, rising from 399 thousand accounts in December to 402.65 thousand accounts in August.
■ On a monthly basis, there was a slight decrease of 0.04 percent from 402.84 thousand accounts in July.
■ Compared to August 2022, inactive accounts rose by 2 percent, up from 394.5 thousand accounts.

This news has been read 2972 times!

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