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Saturday , March 25 2023

Kuwaiti fine art movement constantly evolving

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CAIRO, Nov 17: Kuwaiti plastic artists affirmed on Wednesday, that the Kuwaiti fine art movement is in continuous development due to the support, sponsorship and encouragement of Kuwaiti cultural institutions for talented and creative people, as well as their openness to different cultures, whether Arab or international. This came in separate statements made by the artists to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on the sidelines of the Oscar International Art Land Exhibition for Fine Arts at the Abdel Moneim ElSawy Culture Wheel in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, whose activities will continue until Thursday, with the participation of 19 countries, including Kuwait.

Kuwaiti plastic artist Sharifa Dashti.

A member of the teaching staff at the College of Basic Education, Kuwaiti plastic artist Dr Abeer Al-Kandari, expressed her happiness to participate in the exhibition, which includes a constellation of stars of fine art, whether from the Gulf States or Arab and foreign countries. Al-Kandari affirmed that the exhibition is a “good opportunity and a gain in itself” to exchange experiences and cultures, get to know artists from different countries of the world and learn about the various styles through the displayed paintings, noting that she participated in many exhibitions, whether local or international. She added that she is participating with two paintings in which innovative artistic materials were used. Regarding fine art in the State of Kuwait, Al-Kandari affirmed that “it is in continuous development and intense competition,” stressing that Kuwait has taken care of art from the pioneers’ generation and has provided them with fulltime work and places for drawing.

Faculty member at the College of Basic Education, Kuwaiti plastic artist, Dr Abeer Al-Kandari.

For her part, Kuwaiti plastic artist Sharifa Dashti affirmed that art is a universal language and a sublime message, pointing to the importance of international exhibitions to interact with different cultures and benefit from the diversity of styles, as each artist has his own personality, style and preferred materials. Dashti explained that she specialized in watercolor painting, but she used ink in her painting participating in the exhibition, which embodied the famous character Charlie Chaplin, which gave her a “successful and strong result.” For her part, Kuwaiti plastic artist Lina Hijazi said that she participated in many art exhibitions in Kuwait, Lebanon, Italy, Switzerland and a number of other countries, pointing out that her participation in the Oscar International Art Land Exhibition for Fine Arts is her first in Egypt, “the country of tradition and art.’ Hijazi explained that her painting participating in the exhibition expresses the various movements of the ballerina, noting that she loves painting using bright and cheerful colors, which is reflected in her work.(KUNA)

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