Kuwaiti farmers find support and recognition at Al-Nuer Festival

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A file photo of the Al-Nuer Festival, residents flocked to the festival to show their solidarity with Kuwaiti farmers.

KUWAIT CITY, April 22: The Abdullah Al-Salem area and its neighboring regions witnessed a surge of residents flocking to the Al-Nuer Festival, demonstrating their solidarity with Kuwaiti farmers. The festival, spanning two days, unfolded in the garden of Block 3 adjacent to the Fatima Mosque, showcasing a diverse array of Kuwaiti products that garnered significant public interest.

During the festivities, Al-Rai had the opportunity to engage with several citizens who attended the event to express their backing for local farmers. They lauded the quality and variety of Kuwaiti produce, essential for fulfilling daily nutritional needs, and urged continuous support for domestic agriculture.

One citizen, Adnan Abdulaziz, remarked, “We were delighted to find Kuwaiti-grown vegetables, fruits, seedlings, and flowers at affordable prices, all fresh from the farm to the consumer. This initiative consolidates everything in one accessible location, and we hope it persists and expands.”

Similarly, Fahd Al-Ragheeb extended prayers for the farmers, acknowledging the challenging agricultural conditions in Kuwait. He emphasized the abundant and high-quality nature of the local produce, advocating for sustained backing of national initiatives to encourage agricultural growth and diversification.

Reflecting on the festival’s offerings, Riyad Al-Sayegh expressed admiration for the Kuwaiti product’s superior quality, asserting its unmatched status and advocating for increased consumer engagement to benefit local farmers.

Saleh Al-Dosari praised the festival’s positive impact, emphasizing the need to support Kuwaiti farmers to bolster production and provide consumers with fresh, superior-quality vegetables.

Farmer Walid Al-Qallaf hailed the festival’s convenience for local residents, highlighting its role in reducing the distance traveled to procure fresh produce. However, he lamented the lack of adequate support for Kuwaiti farmers amidst challenges such as agricultural pests, production costs, and competition from imported vegetables.

Al-Qallaf underscored the dedication of local farmers, citing instances where produce was distributed free of charge, illustrating their commitment despite facing obstacles.

The Al-Nuer Festival stands as a testament to the community’s unwavering support for Kuwaiti farmers and underscores the vital role of such initiatives in promoting local agriculture and ensuring food security.

This news has been read 497 times!

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