Kuwaiti ‘bas ya bahr’ movie in spotlight at a UAE forum

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SHARJAH, the UAE, Sept 22, (Agencies): Eminent Kuwaiti artists have shed light on the Kuwaiti movie “bas ya bahr” during their participation in the 22nd edition of the Sharjah International Narrator’s Forum. During a seminar on “sea stories,” the veteran Kuwaiti actor, Saad Al-Faraj, spoke about the epic Kuwaiti cinematic film, “bas ya bahar,” revealing that this movie that had earned international awards, paved his path to become a professional actor.

Al-Faraj also brought into recollections when he used to weep when his father would go on a diving journey at the sea, revealing that the emotions expressed in the film were sincere and mirrored his personal bitter experience in real childhood. His peer, equally renowned, Hayat Al-Fahad, said she was elated with the honoring of the film actors, noting that it was also an honoring for the ancestors who earned their bread from venturing into the sea in the old times.

For his part, the actor Mohammad Al-Mansour recalled his deceased fellow, Khaled Al-Sideeq, who played a major role in “bas ya bahr,” describing it as a major documentary for Kuwait and the Gulf for shedding light on the perils the ancestors had to endure while seeking to make a living. In another seminar held within framework of the forum, the Kuwaiti writer Talal Al-Rumaidhi addressed attendees with a document on the diving heritage in Kuwait, namely the diving for pearls. Most natives of the Gulf, in the old times, used to live by pearl diving, he affirmed.

This news has been read 7173 times!

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