Kuwaiti at ‘Ibn Zayd’ school

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A Kuwaiti citizen went to Tunisia, as he had been doing for years, and following news of his disappearance the family contacted the parliamentarians to intervene, and perhaps one of them was MP Hamad Al-Matar, who tweeted exposing the citizen’s arrest, causing embarrassment to his family, and said he has information that the man has been detained by the security authorities in Tunisia.


He called on the Minister of Foreign Affairs to intervene for his release and then tweeted shortly afterwards that the Minister of Foreign Affairs had contacted him and promised to ask our embassy in Tunisia to intervene and find out the whereabouts of the citizen.

The deputy’s tweets were absurd, and there was no need for it at all. He has, by virtue of his position, the minister’s phone number, and he could have contacted him and asked for his help, but he chose the path of fame for himself, and perhaps to defame others. According to the tweets of MP Al- Mattar, the tweets of former MP Walid Al-Tabtabaei, and a news report by Al- Jazeera, it became clear that a Qur’an memorization school was established in 2016 in the Tunisian state of “Gafsa” under the name “Awlad Zayd” and with Kuwaiti funds, and it included 120 male and female students, and that the kidnapped citizen used to travel to Tunisia to participate in memorization courses, and that the Tunisian security authorities, as reported by Tunisian lawyer Hanan Al-Khamiri, stormed the school, arrested him and other Tunisian citizens, and handed them over to the “judiciary” specialized in combating terrorism.

The important thing is that almost all parties agreed that the center or school is funded by the Kuwaiti “Zakat House”, and this was explicitly stated in the tweets of the two deputies, the current Hamad Al-Matar and the former Al-Tabtabaei, in addition to Al-Jazeera channel. In the absence or non-issuance of a denial from the Zakat House, this means that the financing news is correct.

The question: Does the Zakat House, which I personally and thousands of others contribute, indirectly, through our commercial interests, have the right to supplement its bank balances with hundreds of millions, in the form of zakat taxes that we pay to the Ministry of Finance, in establishing and financing schools for memorizing the Qur’an? Why would a Kuwaiti citizen go to another country and an Arab country in particular, to memorize the Qur’an for its children, which is very easy, and any teacher, or half of Tunisian teachers, can do it? How long do we not know where the money that falls in the hands of the Zakat House goes? Are there similar projects funded by the Zakat House, with its usual generosity? Are there other citizens who perform similar tasks outside Kuwait? Most importantly, why is the zakat money spent on teaching, memorizing the Qur’an only, in isolation from teaching other necessary sciences, the knowledge of which is the backbone of modern life, and qualifies those who learn it for a better life? Even the materials of the Mubarakiya school, which was founded 100 years ago, were more recent than the materials of the “Ibn Zayd” school.

By Ahmad alsarraf
e-mail: [email protected]

This news has been read 35177 times!

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