‘Kuwait will always back Palestinians’

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NEW YORK, Oct 18: Kuwait will spare no effort to throw much weight behind the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights at all international events, said a Kuwaiti diplomat late Monday. Kuwait’s backing for the Palestinian people is based on its unwavering and unyielding principles for helping them restore their rights, Kuwaiti Diplomatic Attache Suleiman Hamada said during a UN panel meeting, calling on the international community to put an end to the Palestinian people’s long-lasting anguish.

Kuwaiti Diplomatic Attache Suleiman Hamada

Kuwait will keep standing side by side with the Palestinian and Syrian people until they could restore their legitimate rights, enshrined in relevant international resolutions, he said, decrying provocative Israeli practices against them. In this regard, he cited the UN Secretary- General’s report on the bare violations of the Israeli occupation authority against Palestinian and Syrian rights.

The Kuwaiti diplomat condemned Israel’s insistence on imposing arbitrary administrative and security restrictions and measures against the Palestinian people, shrugging off all international laws and norms, including relevant UN Security Council resolutions. He also decried continued Israeli attempts to change the demography of Palestinian territories, pointing out more than half a century of Israeli breaches of all human, moral and legal principles. By so doing, the Israeli occupation authority is undermining all ongoing efforts aiming at achieving sustainable development goals by means of taking control of further Palestinian lands and building more settlements, Hamada regretted.

On the occupied Golan Heights of Syria, the Kuwaiti diplomat echoed the UN Secretary-General’s recent comments that UNSC Resolution 497/1981, which states that Israel’s decision to impose its laws and judicial and administrative authorities on the Golan Heights is null and void and has and of no international legal significance, is still in effect. He concluded by restating the continued construction and expansion of Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories and the Golan Heights as a main obstacle to economic and social development there. (KUNA)

This news has been read 19555 times!

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