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Kuwait water … and the 3 pressing parties

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There are nearly five hundred vital government positions of which 160 are vacant, all of them senior appointments which have been waiting for a government nod.

Can anyone imagine how dangerous the situation will be if these jobs remain vacant or undeserving candidates occupy these positions, be it a director of department or an undersecretary if these positions are filled to satisfy ‘some’ or on the quota system or buying loyalties at the expense of efficiency of the government administration.

One visit to a number of the state institutions and ministries which mostly depend on technology, such as Electricity, Water, Public Works, the Public Authority for Roads and Transport, research institutes, various state laboratories, refining and distillation plants, and oil ministry workshops, we will find a large number of administrators and even technicians who know nothing about their jobs from the technical point of view on the very nature of their jobs.

Therefore, you see them repeatedly postponing the issue of taking decisions, make mistakes, or rely on others to do their jobs, which cost a hell of a lot of money to the state treasury annually …  hundreds of millions of dinars as a result of their wrong decisions, or abstaining from taking decisions and those who are in contact with them are fully aware of the situation.

Whoever appointed these senior officials, who are almost inexperienced and unqualified have their excuses ready and know how to defend these weaklings.

They are forced to meet the demands of those who are higher than them, or they are forced to satisfy the tribal, sectarian and religious political forces for fear of losing their jobs.

In light of all this corruption, some may not believe the world we are living in. Over four years, I exerted efforts and spent tens of thousands of dinars just to ‘convince’, I repeat ‘convince’ the Ministry of Electricity of the fact that I obtained free electricity for my offices and stores In Sabhan, due to the lack of a meter and thanks to my own efforts, the meters have finally been installed and our situation is legally sound and very costly to us.

After I finished the electricity problem, I discovered that we also get water for the company’s offices and stores for free, so I sought to fix the situation during the days of the former minister, and install meters to calculate the cost of water consumption, but my efforts were in vain, and I do not want, in fact, waste more years chasing the various departments of the Ministry in order to install water meters.

Therefore I direct this article to the Minister of Electricity and Water, Eng. Ali Al-Mousa, after all I heard about his achievements, with the wishes of many that he be confirmed in his position in the upcoming ministerial formation, in order for this issue to get attention, as I am personally tired of pursuing or being pursued, whatever you may call it.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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