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Kuwait to expand CCTV coverage – Every inch monitored

KUWAIT CITY, March 10: In order to strengthen the monitoring and security of the country and the safety of the citizens, the Council of Ministers has decided to add 37 more government facilities and markets in the country to the list of places which are already protected by the CCTV cameras, reports Annahar daily.

The sources said the government is keen to protect the safety and security of vital installations and the citizens and has sought funds from the Ministry of Finance to complete the installation of cameras.

The vital places in the list include the mosques, places of worship, marinas and shooting fields, oil installations, such as the oil fields, refineries, petrol depots and oil export ports. The decision, which is published in the Official Gazette under No. 207 of 2019, includes the infrastructure facilities of power stations and water distillation plants, the gas stations, sewage treatment plants, irrigation stations and call centers, as well as sea, land and air ports, radio and television stations, the Kuwaiti News Agency, satellite channels, free zones, marine control boats of the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fisheries, and transport facilities, stores, workshops and public transport depots.

The decision includes health facilities of various types, such as health centers, pharmacies, medical examination laboratories, government and private medical centers, drug stores, blood donation vehicles, ambulances, physiotherapy centers, drug sales companies and the central blood bank.

The decision of the Council of Ministers did not exclude the popular markets represented in: Mubarikiya, Gharballi, Blocks Market, Arms, Merchants, Seas, Folklore, Cesarean, Vegetables, Fish Market, Meat Market, Central Markets, People’s Markets, Souq Al Jumaa (Friday Market) and Al-Haraj (auction) Souqs.

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