Kuwait spent KD 784 million ($2.6 billion) on domestic workers

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KUWAIT CITY, May 21: The spending on the domestic workers in Kuwait amounted to about KD 784 million ($ 2.6 billion) in the year 2021, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to sources familiar with the domestic labor sector in Kuwait, the average monthly wage for laborers of all nationalities in the country can be estimated at KD 110 per month. The number of domestic workers in Kuwait reached 593,640 as of the end of 2021. This makes the average value of monthly spending on that sector at about KD 65.3 million ($215 million).

The figures indicate that 94 percent of spending on domestic workers in Kuwait, amounting to KD 734.56 million, was directed towards four main nationalities, numbering at about 556,480 workers. They are:

1. Indians – Indian domestic workers topped the list by accounting for about 47 percent of spending in that sector, which was KD 369 million ($1.2 billion) for about 279,590 workers, including KD 258.5 million for male domestic workers and KD 110.5 million for female domestic workers, in the past year.

2. Filipinos – They came in second place by accounting for about 23 percent of the total spending in the domestic labor sector, which was KD 178.7 million ($ 588 million) for 135,430 domestic workers, including KD 1 million for male domestic workers and the rest for female domestic workers, during the past year.

3. Bangladeshis – They account for 13 percent of the total expenditure of citizens on the domestic labor sector, thereby coming in third place with expenditures amounting to KD 101.4 million annually ($ 333.5 million), and a monthly expenditure of KD 8.5 million. Bangladeshi men account for the lion’s share of that amount, which is KD 100.29 million annually for 75,980 domestic workers, and KD 1.13 million for female workers, with about 858 domestic workers.

4. Sri Lankans – They came fourth by accounting for 11 percent of the volume of spending on domestic workers in the country at KD 85.28 million annually ($ 280.5 million), at a rate of KD 7.1 million per month. Sri Lankans account for the largest percentage of monthly spending at KD 66.6 million for 50,460 domestic workers.

5. Nepalis – They came fifth by receiving about KD 15.11 million annually for 11,450 domestic workers, at a rate of KD 1.25 million per month distributed among 892 male domestic workers and 10,559 female domestic workers.

6. Ethiopians – They received KD 14.1 million annually for 10,680 domestic workers, at a rate of KD 1.17 million per month for about 9,775 female domestic workers, and 914 male domestic workers.

7. Indonesians – They ranked seventh with an expenditure volume of KD 3.17 million annually for about 2,407 domestic workers.

8. Beninites – They finished eighth for receiving annually about KD 2.08 million for 1,583 domestic workers.

9. Pakistanis – They ranked ninth with an expenditure volume of KD 2.08 million annually, for about 1,580 domestic workers.

10. Sudanese – They came in tenth place with an expenditure volume of KD 1.7 million annually for 1,300 workers

This news has been read 17445 times!

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