Kuwait Security Agencies Thwart Half-ton Hashish Smuggling

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 20, (Agencies): A decisive operation was executed by the Criminal Security Sector at the Ministry of Interior, led by the General Administration for Combating Drugs. In collaboration with the General Administration of the Coast Guard, the General Administration of the Special Security Forces, and the Administration of the Police Aviation Wing, the operation was carried out under the explicit instructions of Sheikh Talal Al-Khalid, the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior. The field supervision of Major General Hamid Al-Dawas, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Criminal Security Affairs, and Brigadier General Muhammad Qabazard, Director General of the General Department of Narcotics Control, played a crucial role in the success of the mission.

This targeted action dealt a significant blow to drug dealers as security forces successfully foiled an attempt to smuggle half a ton of narcotic hashish. The estimated market value of the seized narcotics is one and a half million dinars. In a major breakthrough, authorities apprehended six smugglers of Iranian nationality who were caught in the act while infiltrating Kuwaiti territorial waters. The perpetrators had reached Kubbar Island and were in the process of burying the illicit substances.

The General Department of Narcotics Control received confidential information about an elaborate drug smuggling scheme planned by a criminal gang. The information suggested that the gang intended to infiltrate Kuwaiti territorial waters from a neighboring country and bury drugs on one of Kuwait’s islands, specifically targeting Kubbar Island.

Promptly responding to this intelligence, the General Administration for Combating Narcotics initiated comprehensive internal and external investigations. Confirmed information indicated that the gang was en route to Kubbar Island to deliver and bury the drugs. Coordination among detectives, the General Administration of the Coast Guard, the Special Security Forces, the Anti-Terrorism Department, and the Police Aviation Wing swiftly unfolded as the operation was set into motion. Surveillance was established to monitor the gang’s arrival at the island, and the subsequent interception was executed seamlessly.

Utilizing the radar system of the General Administration of the Coast Guard, the security forces tracked the smugglers’ boat as it approached Kubbar Island. The gang members were caught in the act of landing and burying the drugs. Simultaneously, security forces, including personnel from the General Administration for Combating Drugs and the Coast Guard, conducted a raid. The Police Aviation Wing provided air support through helicopters, while Coast Guard boats secured the island’s beaches from all directions.

The joint security force successfully apprehended all six individuals of Iranian nationality, securing 20 bags containing 500 kilograms of narcotic hashish with an estimated market value of one and a half million dinars. During the initial investigation, the defendants confessed that they intended to deliver and bury the drugs on the island for later extraction and distribution by their seventh partner, currently at large. This operation not only disrupted a major drug smuggling attempt but also revealed the elaborate tactics employed by traffickers in the region. The security forces remain vigilant in their efforts to combat drug-related crimes and safeguard the nation’s security.

This news has been read 1464 times!

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