Kuwait Salon Rules: Strict Segregation in the Workplace

Gender ‘mingling’ in health clubs must be avoided: MP

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 17: During a recent parliamentary session on January 15, 2024, the Committee for Promoting Values and Addressing Negative Phenomena focused its attention on moral and public taste violations within public spaces, specifically addressing the mingling phenomenon observed in certain health clubs.

MP Muhammad Hayef, the head of the committee, shared insights with the media at the National Assembly’s media center, revealing that the committee extensively examined issues related to health clubs, taking into account numerous complaints from citizens about legal and ethical breaches occurring within these establishments. To address concerns and discuss the enforcement of existing laws and regulations, representatives from the Ministry of Commerce and the Municipality were invited to participate in the session. Haif emphasized that the regulations set forth by the Ministry of Municipality apply not only to general stores but also extend to places like health clubs. Citing the decision of the Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, Hayef explained that the regulations explicitly prohibit stores from operating in a manner conflicting with Sharia provisions, as determined by official fatwas. Moreover, the regulations specifically forbid the employment of individuals of one gender in establishments traditionally associated with the opposite gender, such as men in women’s beauty salons or vice versa.

Trade decisions further support and reinforce these prohibitions. Hayef underscored the committee’s vital role in activating and ensuring the implementation of existing laws, emphasizing its responsibility to question authorities about their enforcement of these regulations.

The committee’s wide-ranging responsibilities include combating unethical practices and engaging with institutions like the Anti-Corruption Commission on issues of bribery and nepotism, as well as collaborating with the Ministry of Education to tackle exam cheating. Emphasizing the committee’s dedication to addressing diverse societal issues, Hayef highlighted a recent proposal for a law on commercial fraud aimed at addressing legal loopholes prevalent in the common law across Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

This proposed law aims to fill gaps in the current legal framework and is slated for presentation before the Council. Hayef commended the efforts of ministry employees and observers in upholding existing laws and regulations. He also expressed gratitude and admiration for citizens who report unethical practices, recognizing them as crucial contributors to preventing institutions from imposing values inconsistent with the society’s religious beliefs, customs, and traditions. Under Hayef’s leadership, the committee strives to set a precedent in the Council to preserve societal values and customs against negative and intrusive phenomena that pose a threat to the fabric of society. Haif urged collective efforts to address these challenges and safeguard the cultural integrity of the community.

This news has been read 4872 times!

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