Kuwait Ranks Among the Top 5 Safest Arab Countries

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KUWAIT CITY, June 16: In the latest rankings by Global Finance, Kuwait has secured the 18th position out of 134 countries worldwide and emerged as the fourth safest country in the Arab world this year. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) claimed the second spot globally and topped the Gulf region, while Qatar took the third position worldwide.

Global Finance’s evaluation of the safest countries considers three key factors: peace, war, and terrorism measured by the Global Peace Index, personal security based on low crime rates, and the risk of natural disasters, including the potential for pandemics.

Iceland secured the top spot globally in the list of safest countries, followed by the UAE and Qatar. Singapore and Finland secured the fourth and fifth positions, respectively. Mongolia, Norway, Denmark, Canada, and New Zealand occupied the 6th to 10th spots, respectively.

Among Arab countries, Saudi Arabia ranked 19th, closely trailing Kuwait. Morocco secured the 24th position, followed by Oman at 25th. Jordan ranked 52nd, while Algeria claimed the 61st spot. Egypt secured the 65th position, and Tunisia stood at 93rd. Lebanon ranked lower at 110th, with Yemen trailing at 126th.

On the other end of the spectrum, the countries with the lowest rankings in Global Finance’s list of safest countries include the Philippines at 134th, preceding Colombia at 133rd, Guatemala at 132nd, Nigeria at 131st, and Bosnia and Herzegovina at 130th. Brazil ranked 129th, followed by Mexico at 128th and Peru at 127th. North Macedonia secured the 125th position, just ahead of Yemen.

This news has been read 10398 times!

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