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Kuwait prepares to block incoming and Other Voices outgoing calls inside prisons by ’19 end

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 21: All fixed mobile phones, inside the perimeter of the Central Prison will be rendered useless before the end of 2019 and the telephone service will be automatically disconnected from all those lines, reports Al-Anba daily quoting a high-level security source.

A security source pointed out senior officers working in the correctional institutions and Sentences Enforcement Department in coordination with the communication authorities and telecom companies recently held a meeting during which it was agreed to build four towers in the vicinity of the prison which will act as the source of all communication and will be the sole authority to receive and send signals.

The towers will also be able to identify and monitor all incoming and outgoing calls going. If it is discovered that someone is using the cellphone from inside the facility, the tower will detect it and render the phone useless.

The source pointed out in addition to this a new project to block communications outlets inside the Central Prison is now with the Finance Committee of the Ministry of Interior – a project that is expected to be the first in the Middle East and cost approximately between four and five million dinars.

This service – which is currently in use in the US prisons – will not violate the Constitution and the law. The source pointed out that the Ministry of Interior will ask the company executing the project for an official letter from the competent authorities in the Ministry of Health to ensure blocking devices do not have any health effect on the prisoners or prison staff But how do officers and noncommissioned officers be affected by call blocking? The source said: In general, mobile phones can be taken inside the workplace and there are fixed lines.

The daily quoting sources said the project will comprise two networks – the first will allow passage of calls to specific phone numbers which will be given to senior offi- cials of the Central Prison and the other network will block all calls.

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