Kuwait plans a comprehensive health survey of all its residents

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Kuwait to conduct the National Health Survey Project led by the Ministry of Health.

KUWAIT CITY, July 10: The Ministry of Health, under the guidance of the Council of Ministers, has unveiled plans for a far-reaching national development initiative aimed at conducting a comprehensive health survey of all residents in Kuwait. Saleh Al-Mulla, Secretary-General of the Council, outlined that this pivotal survey project will be executed under the supervision of the Supreme Council for Planning. Its primary objective is to assess the health status of the population, identify disease prevalence, evaluate the effectiveness of public health initiatives, and gather essential health data required by both local and international health organizations.

Al-Mulla emphasized the structured approach to data collection, highlighting that the ministry’s IT experts will spearhead the development of a robust database. This database will facilitate data management, protocol development, and coding processes while establishing performance metrics aligned with global health standards, including those set forth by the World Health Organization. The outcomes of the survey will be instrumental in formulating future health policies and strategies.

“This initiative has garnered the collaboration of 15 entities, including key ministries such as Interior, Finance, Information, Education, and Social Affairs. Additionally, specialized bodies like the Disability Authority, Environmental Public Authority, and educational institutions such as Kuwait University and the Dasman Institute are actively participating,” stated Al-Mulla.

The Council of Ministers, through its Education, Health, and Youth Committee, has directed various state ministries and authorities to mobilize efforts in implementing the National Health Survey Project as part of the country’s broader development plan. Al-Mulla underscored the importance of this project in enhancing disease monitoring, improving health resource distribution, and providing accurate health data crucial for policy formulation.

“The Ministry of Health has been entrusted with coordinating efforts among the involved entities to ensure the project’s success and achieve its objectives,” added Al-Mulla.

The initiative aims to involve both Kuwaiti nationals and long-term residents residing in the country for at least six months. Samples will be collected from individuals across different age groups to ensure a comprehensive assessment of health needs and challenges.

“The Cabinet’s review of the National Health Survey project underscores its potential to significantly enhance public health outcomes and contribute to the country’s overall well-being,” highlighted Al-Mulla.

The Ministry of Health is poised to collaborate closely with relevant authorities to bolster project support and cooperation, ensuring its seamless implementation and maximizing its impact on Kuwait’s health landscape.

This news has been read 716 times!

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