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Kuwait observes solar eclipse … prayers offered; Again in 2027

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 25: Kuwait’s skies witnessed at 1:20 pm Tuesday partial solar eclipse, which remained visible until 3.44 pm — a space phenomenon deemed the most significant in the country this year. Director of space sciences at the Scientific Club Issa Al-Nasrallh told KUNA the partial sun eclipse is the first recorded in Kuwait since ending constraints of the coronavirus on June 21, 2020, when the Kuwaiti skies witnessed an eclipse at a rate of 60 percent of the sun size. Earlier on December 26, 2019, another partial eclipse was witnessed when the sun appeared blurred at its rise. The phenomenon will recur in Kuwait on August 2, 2027, and there will be another one on March 20, 2034, he added.

Students observe the partial solar eclipse phenomenon with the help of powerful telescopes

Meanwhile, Sheikh Abdullah Al- Salem Al-Sabah Cultural Center said shape of the eclipse varied from one region to another. The concealed side of the sun is seen larger in northern regions. Khaled Al-Ajman, the museum curator at the center, told KUNA the partial eclipse lasted for two hours and 24 minutes. Kuwait’s citizens and residents performed eclipse prayer Tuesday as it is an obligatory sunna whenever there is an eclipse of the sun. Kuwait’s skies witnessed at 1:20 pm partial solar eclipse, which remained visible until 3.44 pm. (KUNA)

Muslims performing the eclipse prayer. Inset: The partial solar eclipse
Kuwait witnessed partial solar eclipse on Tuesday, Oct 25. Kuwaitis and expats turned out at the beach areas to witness the phenomenon. Prayers were held in mosques to keep Kuwait safe from any calamity