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Kuwait leads in residual oil treatment capabilities: KPC

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 19, (KUNA): Kuwait has made tremendous progress over methods and practices related to the treatment of residual oil, state-owned Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) said on Tuesday.

Kuwait possesses the largest production capacity for the hydrogen treatment of residual oil across its national ports, said KPC’s CEO Hashim Hashim amid talks sponsored by Kuwait’s Oil Minister Dr Khaled Al-Fadhel. The timing for the talks are apropos ahead of the introduction of a new International Maritime Organization law on sulphur, which will put a global sulphur cap on fuel content starting next year, a measure deemed a response to environmental concerns caused in part by harmful emissions from ships.

He highlighted the need for the world’s largest oil refineries to overhaul their facilities as part of efforts to remain competitive for the long haul, as the growing needs of the oil market continue to change.

On oil production, KNPC CEO Waleed Al-Bader said it is a largely cyclical process, where stiffer legislation can often lead to instability that requires responsive measures.

The hydrogen treatment of residual oil has grown more significant in recent years since it has proven to be a highly effective method yielding rewarding returns, added the official. The talks also feature an expo where oil firms can display their experiences with the hydrogen treatment of residual oil, a method seen as a reliable solution to the challenges encumbering oil production, he said.

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