Kuwait, Iran eye maritime border

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TEHRAN, March 14 : The joint Kuwaiti- Iranian legal committee met on Monday under the co-chairmanship of Kuwait’s Deputy Foreign Minister Mansour Al-Otaibi and Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal International Affairs Reza Najafi. The meeting focused on the demarcation of the maritime boundaries between the two friendly countries. Both sides stressed the need to settle the matter in consistency with the rules of the international law.

Photo shows the joint Kuwaiti-Iranian committee meeting

Kuwait’s Deputy Foreign Minister Mansour Al-Otaibi, on an official visit to Tehran, held talks on Monday with his Iranian counterpart Dr. Ali Bagheri on the friendly relations and ways to enhance cooperation between both countries in various fields. In other news, a number of Saudi figures and officials deemed the recently signed agreement with Iran to resume diplomatic relations within two months as an important step to bring stability and security to the region. Speaking to KUNA in various interviews, they said that three-party statement by Saudi Arabia, Iran, and China – issued last week in Beijing – reflected eagerness to maintain security and stability in the region via dialogue and diplomacy.

Saudi Arabia is very keen on resolving disputes in the region through diplomatic means to ensure mutual interests of all involved parties, affirmed member of the Shura Council, Dr. Fadhel Abulainain. He indicated that reaching comprehensive agreement in accordance with the charters of the UN and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) as well as international laws and norms would benefit all involved parties.

He reiterated that the agreement would bolster security and cooperation in the region and would enable the flourishing of economies of all states, which depended on the sea routes to deliver goods and oil. Dr. Abulainian said that the success of the agreement was based on respect and proper execution of the tenets therein, pointing out that all parties would benefit from it.

In a similar fashion, Secretary General of the Saudi Journalists Association Dr. Abdullah Al-Jalhan noted that the agreement would enable Iran and Saudi Arabia to pursue development and further cooperation between the two sides on all possible domains. Saudi Arabia has an ambitious plan for total development and is working diligently to realize its’ Vision 2030 and this agreement facilities this dream, he affirmed.

He also said that Iran was going through political and security challenges, which required focus and the deal would provide a chance to regroup and find solutions to such hardships. The region and the world would be able to benefit from the deal, which surely prevent the wars and instability, Al-Jahlan reiterated. He expressed optimism in regards to Saudi Arabia and Iran’s commitment to the deal, saying that it would have an impact of regional security challenges in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon.

Dr. Munaif bin Muflakh, a Saudi political science professor, said that the results of the Saudi- Iranian discussions would lay the cornerstone for a new era in relations after seven years of silence between the two sides. It is very important to avoid interference in internal issues, he stressed, saying that if Iran fulfilled its commitment to the deal, it would open doors fully for cooperation with Saudi Arabia and others.


This news has been read 24687 times!

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