Kuwait implements urgent measures to relocate telecom towers, prohibits rooftop installations

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Kuwait allocates 18 months to relocate 700 telecom towers from residential zones.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 10: A Kuwait Municipality official emphasized the immediate necessity of identifying alternative sites for telecommunication towers in residential areas, both private and typical. This proactive measure aims to prevent potential adverse impacts on the telephone network in the future, considering the recently endorsed regulations for telecommunication towers by the Municipal Council last month. The new guidelines set a deadline of one and a half years for compliance. Consequently, placing towers on residential rooftops will be prohibited during this period.

According to the official, there are currently only 600 to 700 towers in private and residential zones, and these numbers are not deemed detrimental to public health. Reports from the Ministry of Health did not indicate any medical harm. However, in adherence to safety measures, a minimum distance of 12 meters from the property, house, or home is approved for the installation and construction of communication towers. As an additional precaution, the Municipal Council has stipulated a 20-meter distance.

This news has been read 2723 times!

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