Kuwait expands power capacity by 375 megawatts with new units

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New power units stabilize Kuwait’s electricity supply amid summer surge.

KUWAIT CITY, June 25: The introduction of two new production units at the Al-Zour South and Shuaiba North stations, with a combined capacity of 375 megawatts, has alleviated the state of alert experienced by the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy since the start of the summer season. This development has enabled the ministry to meet the country’s energy needs without resorting to scheduled power cuts, despite peak loads reaching 16,460 megawatts.

Sources within the ministry informed Al-Rai daily that the addition of the new production units, along with support from the Gulf region, has significantly boosted the production capacity of the generating stations. These sources are optimistic that the ministry will navigate the remainder of the summer without the need for programmed shutdowns, especially with the anticipated introduction of additional units. Maintenance of the network is a priority, and consumer cooperation in energy conservation is encouraged.

The ministry is making concerted efforts to expedite maintenance on these units to meet the soaring energy demand during the current summer months, attributed to the high temperatures. The integration of new units into service will occur sequentially.

Simultaneously, the Ministry of Electricity is analyzing current consumption rates across various sectors to inform future energy conservation strategies and reduce electrical load. These measures aim to prepare for new production projects that will further enhance the power stations’ capacity in the coming years.

This news has been read 698 times!

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