Kuwait Drops in Happiness Index

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KUWAIT CITY, April 10: Kuwait ranked 50th in the world and fourth in the Arab and Gulf countries on the Global Happiness Index, falling three places from 2021, reports Al-Qabas daily.

In reaction to this, a recent government study recommended a number of steps that would spread happiness locally in order to improve Kuwait’s ranking in this regard.

The United Nations World Happiness Index report measures the quality of life in more than 150 countries. It also monitors the impact of the social, urban and natural environment on the factors that determine people’s satisfaction with life within their countries.

The report is based on a number of key variables –

1) Social support.
2) Per capita gross domestic product.
3) The freedom to make life decisions.
4) The expected healthy life.
5) The absence of corruption.
6) Generosity.

The report indicated a significant progress in the average healthy life expectancy for citizens, as it rose 39 ranks once during the year.

The recommendations for enhancing happiness in Kuwait are –

1) Raising the level of quality of health and medical services, achieving integrated comprehensive health coverage, and enhancing accountability and transparency in all health facilities and sectors in an effective and real manner.

2) Enacting laws and legislations that guarantee and effectively protect rights and freedoms in all their forms, achieve the rule of law, strengthen integrity to create a society free of corruption, strengthen cooperation with international partners, and sign memorandums of understanding and cooperation protocols to provide technical and training capabilities to combat corruption.

3) Creating decent, equitable job opportunities available to all, eliminating unemployment, improving youth jobs, and developing them to achieve comprehensive economic development in the country to ensure good investment in human capital.

4) Supporting needy families and meeting their needs within the community, and providing them with all means of comfort and luxury, by establishing a fund aimed at facilitating the process of providing in-kind and cash donations to enhance well-being, improve the quality of life, and achieve satisfaction and happiness.

5) Creating economic and social protection initiatives for all marginalized groups in society in order to ensure a decent life and improve the standard of living for all.

6) Developing human wealth, and achieving the highest rates of development and growth in various development fields, from education, health and quality of life, aimed at achieving sustainable development in all fields.

7) Directing government policies to increase the per capita share of the gross domestic product, ensure an improvement in the standard of living of citizens, and raise the quality of life.

8) Including happiness and quality of life in all policies, programs and services of government agencies and their work environment, and adopting an annual model to measure the level of happiness in all government agencies.

This news has been read 16468 times!

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