Kuwait demands that Israel join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty immediately

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Member of the Permanent Delegation of Kuwait to the United Nations in Vienna, Third Secretary Dr. Sarah Al-Ajmi

KUWAIT CITY, June 8: In a recent address to the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Kuwait has called upon the agency to take decisive action, urging Israel to promptly join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and subject all its nuclear facilities to the comprehensive safeguards system overseen by the IAEA.

Dr. Sarah Al-Ajmi, a Third Secretary at the Permanent Delegation of the State of Kuwait to the United Nations in Vienna, delivered this plea during discussions on the agenda item, “Any developments regarding Israeli nuclear capabilities,” initiated by the Arab group.

Al-Ajmi emphasized the crucial role of the IAEA in implementing the comprehensive safeguards system and ensuring the peacefulness of nuclear programs worldwide. She urged the agency to maintain ongoing discussions on Israeli nuclear capabilities during its policy-making meetings, enabling effective verification and implementation of safeguards.

Despite the commitment of Middle Eastern nations to the NPT and comprehensive safeguards agreements, Israel’s reluctance to subject its nuclear facilities to IAEA oversight persists. Al-Ajmi highlighted Israel’s refusal to engage in initiatives aimed at establishing a nuclear weapons-free zone in the region.

Addressing the dire situation in Gaza, Al-Ajmi condemned the continued violence perpetrated by Israeli occupation forces against Palestinian civilians. She decried the loss of innocent lives and widespread destruction inflicted upon Palestinian communities, including the Kuwaiti Al-Salam camp in Rafah.

Kuwait reiterated its firm condemnation of Israeli aggression and called upon the international community to exert pressure to halt these violations of international law and human rights. Al-Ajmi stressed the urgent need for accountability for these atrocities and emphasized Kuwait’s support for diplomatic efforts aimed at achieving a ceasefire and providing humanitarian aid to those affected.

Al-Ajmi underscored the imperative for Israel to adhere to international resolutions, respect humanitarian law, and engage in dialogue to resolve conflicts peacefully. Kuwait pledged its support for statements made by the Arab Group concerning Israeli nuclear capabilities, reaffirming its commitment to regional stability and peace.

This news has been read 953 times!

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