Kuwait country of religious tolerance, says Dr Al-Ojairi – ‘Fear led to astronomy’

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Dr Saleh Al-Ojairi

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 30: Kuwaiti scientist and astronomer Dr Saleh Al- Ojairi has affirmed that Kuwait is a country of religious tolerance where Muslims have been living peacefully alongside Jews and Christians, reports Aljarida daily.

In an interview with the daily, the Kuwaiti astronomer indicated that the Jews in the country gradually moved to Israel based on the Zionist plan, adding that the beginning of Christians in the country was modest and eventually increased to 200 people or more.

Dr Al-Ojairi explained that his love for astronomy began when his father used to send him to the desert to get accustomed to the rough life. It was the fear factor that pushed him to astronomy as he feared natural phenomena such as the rain, thunder, lightning and darkness. In order to overcome his fear of these natural phenomena, Al-Ojairi studied astronomy and started loving it.

Regarding the beginning of education in Kuwait and his view about the current educational curricula, he stressed that education initially was very different because of different curricula, teachers and life in general.

When asked about earthquakes, Dr Al-Ojairi affirmed that Kuwait and the Arabian Peninsula in general are not much prone to earthquakes, indicating that if any earthquakes occur, they will be of low magnitude. He said the people of Kuwait in the past never felt the earthquakes since their houses were one-storied. However, with the expansion of houses, it has become normal to feel the shocks accompanying earthquakes.

This news has been read 10321 times!

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