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Kuwait continues aid airlift to Lebanon

BEIRUT, Aug 13: The Kuwaiti airlift continued on Wednesday transporting relief and humanitarian needs to Lebanon for the eighth consecutive day, with the arrival of two planes carrying about 100 tons of urgent needs, following a recent explosion at Beirut port.

People walk next to debris from destroyed buildings near the site of last week’s explosion that hit the seaport of Beirut, Lebanon on Aug 12. (AP)

Abdullah Al-Shaheen, a counselor at the Kuwaiti embassy in Lebanon, told KUNA that the two planes were loaded with about 100 tons of foodstuffs, as the total since the start of the launch carried 605 tons. There is full cooperation with the Lebanese authorities represented by the leadership of the Lebanese Army through securing all facilities and delivery, in addition to the shipments that were delivered to the Red Cross and presented by the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, he added. He indicated that the airlift will continue with the arrival of more planes loaded with aid in the coming days, to support Lebanon in this unfortunate circumstance.

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