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Kuwait backs UNIDO’s efforts to eradicate global poverty: official

Taqui addresses 45th session of organization’s IDB in Vienna

Director General of Kuwait’s Public Authority for Industry (PAI) Abdulkarim Taqui addressing the session. (KUNA)

VIENNA, July 1, (KUNA): Kuwait has reaffirmed support to the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), encouraging comprehensive development around the globe to eradicate poverty. Acting Director General of Kuwait’s Public Authority for Industry (PAI) Abdulkarim Taqui on Friday addressed the 45th session of the UNIDO’s Industrial Development Board (IDB), session, Vienna, June 27-29, 2017.

Taqui urged the organization to increase concentration on countering the harmful practices resulting from liberating the international trade, topped with dumping which has been troubling most emerging markets. Dumping is a major reason for several economic problems, he said.

The UNIDO must set a host of projects and programs that are likely to develop practical and realistic solutions to remedy such practices that have been causing colossal damage to the industrial sector in many countries, he said. He also proposed drawing up mechanisms to identify the proper price in the origin country, as well as comparing prices in different ones.

Taqui referred to Kuwait’s view on some countries’ intention to withdraw from UNIDO. He stressed the dire need to identify and remedy the reasons behind the move to avoid it in the future. Kuwait underlines the momentousness of UNIDO’s continuous work out of belief in the organization’s role for a balanced world economy and social stability.

The IDB comprises 53 members elected for a four-year term on a rotational basis from all UNIDO Member States. It reviews the implementation of the work program, the regular and operational budgets, makes recommendations to the GC on policy matters, including the appointment of the Director- General. The IDB meets once a year.

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