KUNA, Al-Afasy and Oscars

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Some tend to withdraw, away from fame and limelight. Others tend to search for fame, at any cost, even if it requires inventing a number of technical, scientific, or academic titles. What is the phenomenon of some people insisting on adding titles to their names, rightly or wrongly, except for a kind of search for fame, and buying respect, a desire that we may find in the overwhelming majority of people! A l – Q a b a s published a story a few years ago on its front page regarding the selection of a senior employee of a Kuwaiti investment company, to the membership of the board of directors of ‘Emmy Awards’, which is famous for its prestigious awards for songs, which are equal in value and importance to the Oscars for films!

The news aroused my doubts, as the author of the news has nothing to do with art, nor with international songs, and there is nothing that distinguishes him from others in order for him to be appointed a member of a party that is the most secretive and closed, and has the most influence on public opinion. It didn’t take much for me to discover that the news that was leaked, in some way, to Al-Qabas was completely fabricated! It seems that the failures of the news agency KUNA will not end.

According to the text of a news report issued by it, Mr. Rashid Al-Afasy, who is an imam of a mosque, contacted the agency and said he had won membership in the United Nations (!!) and that he had obtained a membership card after joining the Union of Arab Creators.

As a consultant, and his selection to the membership of his Economic and Social Council!! KUNA added, in its own words and that of Al-Afasy, that he was granted membership in recognition of his “worldleading” career, as he is one of the “most influential figures in the world”!! Al-Afasy, who won the Academy Award for Arab Creators, also announced his pride in being chosen to work in voluntary organizations, international organizations, etc. Needless to say, the above is inaccurate. There is no membership for individuals in the United Nations, it is for states only.

As for the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations in Geneva, is keen to cooperate with nongovernmental organizations, the NGO, and grants them a kind of membership through its official website, which is temporary membership, which is currently enjoyed by 5,000 organizations and associations, from different countries of the world, and allows those who represent them have the opportunity to visit the offices of the Council and the international organization, see their references and libraries, and participate in their seminars.

Of course, this requires being present in the cities where their offices are located, with the necessity of proficiency in English or French! As for the Union of Arab Creators, there are no clear and recognized indications of what its name means, from any official party! Nor is there a recognized body that awards Oscars to Arab creators! On its modest website, it was stated that those who run it “give Oscar awards” to creators in literary fields, such as poetry and novels, and there is no mention of mosque imams. Note that whoever performs the function of imam does not even need an Oscar, whether from Egypt or from Omdurman.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 4370 times!

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