ktech hosts debate: Video gaming enhance or hinder development?

Business Foundation Nexus Team wins debate

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KUWAIT CITY, May 14: A thought- provoking debate was organized and held at kuwait technical college (ktech) on the topic: “Video Gaming: Enhancing or Hindering Development”. The event took place on the 14th of May which brought together students, faculty and community members to discuss the effects of video gaming on individuals and society.

The debate teams composed of student and faculty members. From the IST (Information Systems and Technology) and EGS (English and General Studies) departments, the TECH PROSE SQUAD TEAM consisted of Ms. Rasha Shalabi – Lecturer at the IST Department, Dr. Saud Buhamdi – Assistant Professor, EGS department, students Ali Al Kandari, Ali Turki and Thamer Al Mraished arguing that video gaming ENHANCES development.

On the other side, we had the BUSINESS FOUNDATION NEXUS TEAM from the Business Management and Foundation Department. Ms. Berlanti Odeh – Senior Lecturer, Business Management Department, Mr. Mohammad Al Qallaf – Instructor, Foundation Studies, and students Khaled Al Sendi, Abdulaziz Al Attar and Hazem Yousef arguing that video gaming HINDERS development.

The debate sparked insightful arguments from both sides of the issue touching upon the influence of gaming on cognitive skills, social interactions, mental health and its role in human development and society. The audience too were deeply engaged which was evident from the lively Q & A session which marked the finale of the event.

The external judges who were experts from different walks of life had a challenging task of assessing the arguments and declaring the winner. One judge stated that BUSINESS FOUNDATION NEXUS TEAM from the Business Management and Foundation Department won by a small margin. The judges praised the debate as dynamic and well-informed, with charismatic participants presenting compelling arguments supported by rich facts.

The commitment to fostering intellectual dialogue and critical thinking at ktech among students is vital and we look forward to hosting more events that encourage such discussions in the future.

This news has been read 1209 times!

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