‘Know yours and others rights’

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Dignity, the interest which increased with the spread of the concepts of ethics with the enlightenment era is defined as the personal quality of human being worthy of respect. When our dignity is robbed from us, we cannot feel safe, we hate ourselves, and become negative and pessimistic about the world around us.

It is also easy to control people whose dignity is hurt as a result of being subjected to constant humiliation and ridicule, especially if this is done in public, and the individual suffers.

Therefore, we found that extremist groups and some governments seek by various means to humiliate others by deliberate beating, imprisonment and killing their loved ones to make it easier for them to control them. They are also keen to deprive women of education, and this robs them of even the right to know that they are humiliated or have no dignity.

The Lebanese professor and friend, Elham Helou, describes this situation in an impressive manner, saying: “Women in our unjust societies feel like an empty vessel with one tied to a rope and the other to a steadily moving fast modern car and as the car moves the vessel continues to hit the road and the pavement and when the car stops, the vessel curses the years of life, examines the bruises she suffered all over her body and discovers she is in pain and enjoys nothing in life.”

Nothing can make a woman feel important and entitled to live and enjoy every moment like education. This is why female education is forbidden in some societies. During an interview with the enlightened Sheikh Abdullah Al-Jaber, the first Minister of Education from the Al-Sabah family, he mentioned that he rented a house and equipped it and transformed it into a girls’ school, and brought 12 female teachers from Iraq and Palestine, and on the opening day not a single girl came because clerics at the time, such as Abdulaziz Hamada and Ahmad al-Khamis and others urged worshippers not to send their daughters to receive education because of its corruption. I also remember well that large sections of the Kuwaiti Shiites after years of the above incident were refusing to send their daughters to school.

Times have changed, and so people’s view of things that were once taken for granted, but our nation is distinguished of being the only one that broke and even the back of a camel with a stick, and for this reason humiliation was made easy for us and our defeat in all fields of war and peace made easy. A nation without good education cannot know its rights. A nation that does not know its rights is a nation that has no dignity.

How can there be dignity when wives and mothers are humiliated, sisters are saddened, and daughters are oppressed?

Do not just look at your families, and those around you, shaking your heads, rejecting this talk, and you describe it as exaggeration, but look around you and see how women are humiliated in dozens of our capitals, thousands of our cities, and millions of our villages so the sight of a woman dirtied and stoned to death becomes commonly acceptable, or take for example the dozens of radical mullahs beating women with sticks and water hoses, detonating bombs in girls’ schools, and pouring acid on their faces but we do not pay much attention.

Al-Huwaini (clergyman) says that love is adultery so how can a man love someone who pees and defecates? Al-Shaarawy says, justifying the man’s assault on his wife says how can the wife refuse the husband’s verbal abuse of her, when he is the one who saw her nakedness? A third says that beating the wife is permissible if she refrains from ‘bed’.

This is how the nation’s “scholars” view women, mothers, teachers, educators, sisters and wives and then we expect this nation to triumph over its enemies.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 9877 times!

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