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Kids working in garages; ‘Runaway’ domestics targeted

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 16: The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) during an inspection campaign on Wednesday issued 15 citations to a number of garages in Shuwaikh Industrial Area and arrested 35 domestic workers for violating the labor law, in addition to arresting seven minors. All those arrested have been handed over to the Residence Affairs Investigation Department to take legal action against them. The PAM Deputy Director-General got Manpower Protection Sector, Fahd Al-Murad, said in a press statement violation of Article (10) of the Labor Law related to the prohibition of hiring illegal workers and Article (19) which forbids the employment of underage persons. Al-Murad said that the joint campaign targets what he called the ‘dangerous’ phenomena in the labor market (employment of juveniles) a violation of Article (19) and (domestic workers) Article (20) of the Labor Law.

A child found working in a mechanic’s shop during the raid

He stressed the inspection teams will continue and legal measures will be taken against all those who exploit children in contravention of their rights guaranteed to them by law, pointing out the need for employers to abide by the labor and residence laws, especially those related to the employment of juveniles. It is noteworthy to make a mention here that the intensive campaigns organized by PAM target what it called ‘loose’ workers in cooperation with the Joint Committee of the Council of Ministers to ensure employers and workers comply with the labor and residence laws. , (KUNA)

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