‘KIA’s Al-Ateeqi should get chance to clear his name with evidence’

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“KUWAITIS are unanimous in the merits of His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Al-Nawaf and his good qualities, which were proven by his practices in his new position, as he is known for not accepting injustice since he began his work in public affairs decades ago,” columnist Sattam Ahmed Al-Jarallah wrote for Al-Seyassah daily.

Sattam Al Jarallah

“Therefore, embracing righteousness and removing injustice from people is undoubtedly a characteristic of this man, and based on this, there is an issue that preoccupied local and international public opinion months ago and is still waiting for a solution, and it is the case of the former director of the Kuwait Investment Authority in London, Saleh Al-Ateeqi.

“So many Kuwaitis see that the man had been wronged unjustly and that his removal from his position in this way raised a kind of fear among everyone who worked in the fields of investment affiliated to the state because he was not given an opportunity to defend himself on the one hand, and a kind of underestimation by the nation on the other.

“There is no doubt that all Kuwaitis are keen to end injustice, because the establishment of justice is evidence of the civilization of the state and granting people the right to defend themselves is the basis for expressing those values. Therefore, listening to both points of view on any issue is an affirmation of the correctness of the procedure, whatever it may be and it also prevents any unfairness in the future. The case of Saleh Al-Ateeqi should not have gone unnoticed, even if the opponent was a minister, so it would be desirable if His Highness the Prime Minister, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Nawaf, would allow Al-Ateeqi to clarify what he has to say, and show documents and evidence in this regard, as this may lead to fixing a defect that led to the injustice of a person who is supposed to be trusted by everyone because of his position and the task he performs.

“Yes, correcting the administrative defect in any of the state’s administrations will bring justice to all, which all Kuwaitis strive for, so that there are no missing links in the new era of Sheikh Ahmad Al-Nawaf, on whom everyone depends at this stage.”

This news has been read 688209 times!

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