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Wednesday , February 8 2023

Khaled & Ghanim, no excuse, let the work begin

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THERE is no longer an excuse for either the executive authority or its legislative counterpart as to why work shouldn’t begin, especially after confirming the immunity of His Highness the Prime Minister in the parliament, even though his immunity was long established through his probity, and also the immunity of the Speaker.

There is no longer an excuse since the government has attained the majority in the National Assembly with 33 members. It is irrelevant whether this was attained through planning and sophistication, or by a stroke of luck. The important thing is that the two authorities must start working on mending whatever crookedness was found in the Kuwaiti course.

There is no doubt that the four months of bickering and wrangles, and the negative impacts it left on the economic and political situations, is sufficient for everyone to learn the lesson, which is that there is no escape from facing the facts, working for the sake of Kuwait, and getting out of the cycle of blame game that the two authorities hurl at each other.

After the positive development that we have witnessed in the last two days, people are eagerly waiting for the plans set by the government regarding economic rescue and social openness. The government, in partnership with the National Assembly, must start amending the laws that were enacted in the previous parliaments when the MPs imposed their backward viewpoints, which almost destroyed the country after it closed it to investment – both local and foreign. I worked to consecrate a discrimination spirit, which Kuwait had never witnessed before even in its darkest circumstances.

The 33 MPs and ministers who constitute the majority are today facing the biggest challenge, which is work, and to set their eyes on their predecessors, so that they do not hesitate, or use their positions for their personal interests.

We are witnessing an era when a former prime minister, ministers and officials are being tried on charges of corruption, negligence and not managing the state well. This means that no one is safe, no matter how high his position or social status is.

They also have to remember that we are under a firm political leadership, as His Highness the Amir is known for his integrity, uprightness and asceticism, and His Highness the Crown Prince is known for his absolute belief in justice, giving everyone his right and ensuring that truth always prevails. They tolerate neither procrastination nor excuses or inaction because their top priority is to serve Kuwait and its people. Through that, they earn satisfaction of the Almighty Lord, and peace of mind.

Therefore, all conditions are ripe for His Highness the Prime Minister to start working on the real reform that the country has been waiting for years. No more excuses are available including the National Assembly’s reluctance to proceed with the development of laws or others, as per what we have heard and read about in the past months. The will to change should launch from the two leaders – the prime minister and the Speaker – and the others must follow.

There is nothing more important than removing the repression from Kuwait and once again making it an oasis of freedom of opinion and expression, and a platform for launching individual economic and social initiatives, without any objection.

This is the challenge that both authorities must succeed in dealing with so that we do not go back to spinning around a vicious circle … Time is ruthless.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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