KD 300 fine for drivers on phone


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KUWAIT CITY, May 23: The Interior Ministry intends to impose harsher penalties on anyone who violates traffic regulations in a bid to enhance road safety and control reckless driving, says a reliable source from the government.

According to the source, the proposed amendments to the Traffic Law that will be approved soon include the following:

One to three years imprisonment or fine ranging from KD 1,000 to KD 3,000 for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Three months in jail or KD 300 fine for using a mobile phone while driving.

Three months imprisonment or fine of KD 500 maximum for driving beyond the speed limit.

Two months jail time or fine of KD 200 maximum for violating the tinted windows regulation.

The new law also addresses other reckless driving habits as follows:

KD 75 fine for leaving children or pets unattended in a car or allowing them to protrude from windows.

Fine ranging from KD 100 to KD 200 for allowing children under 10 years old to sit in the front seat or not using the child seat at the back seat.

Fine ranging from KD 250 to KD 500 for failure to give way too emergency vehicles like fire trucks, ambulances and police cars.

Imprisonment for three months or fine ranging from KD 200 to KD 500 for beating the red light.

The source affirmed these stricter penalties aim to deter precarious behavior on the roads and to raise public awareness on the importance of adopting safer driving habits.

This news has been read 11919 times!

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